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Fire Pump Set (Fire Pump Skid)

Hydramain manufacture a range of Fire Pump-Sets to suit any site. Our Fire Pump-Sets are mounted to heavy duty fabricated galvanised steel skids, making them highly durable and easy to install. All pump sets are manufactured, tested and commissioned to AS2941 and comply with all regulatory requirements.


Fire Water Distribution Pump Set Features Include: 
- Designed, manufactured, tested and commissioned to AS2941
- Centrifugal End Suction Pumps complete with cast iron casing, bronze impeller, stainless steel shaft and      Mechanically sealed - direct coupled via jaw coupling and guard to driver.
- Latest AS2941 Digital Controllers facilitate automatic start and all FIP functions
- OS&Y flanged isolating valves and discharge non return valves.
- Jacking pump plumbed to main manifolds with pressure vessel
- All equipment mounted on a fabricated steel skid and finished in industrial fire pump red
- All equipment pre-wired and workshop tested to AS2417
- Full onsite testing, commissioning and training
- Operation manuals and supporting documentation.

Hydramain have a large range of products and services. All Fire-Pump Sets are manufactured to specific Client and Building Requirements to ensure they meet exacting requirements. They are anything but an "Off the shelve item".

For further information on Fire Pump-Sets or any of our other products or services, please contact our sales staff who will happy to assist and tend to your requirements.





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